The recording profiles are where you can configure the core functionality of the ShoreTel Call Recorder.

At the simplest level, a customer can create a profile to record all calls for all users and store all recordings in one location with a simple name generated. However, more complex scenarios can also be achieved – such as only recording ShoreTel Workgroup calls from a set of workgroups handled by a set of agents for a certain period each week. 

Multiple record profiles can be active at the same time, even recording the same call, which may  result in multiple copies of the same underlying call. This allows use of recordings for multiple purposes such as a legal audit (where only administrators can get at the recordings) and endser review (where each user can listen to and delete their own recordings).

As we see in the screen shot above, we have two recordings profiles configured on this server:

  • 911 Calls
  • All Calls

To access a recording profile’s settings we double click the profile or select it and click the Edit… button.  For example, this shows the All Calls profile:

Moving from top to bottom we’ll explain the principle fields:

  • Name
    This is the name of the recording profile.
  • Enabled
    If checked the profile is active.
  • Users and User Ranges to Record
    This lists the extensions of the users whose phone calls this profile may record. It consists of a list of stations and station ranges. As shown here we are using a station range of 100-199 which means that we want to potentially record calls on any station with an extension between 100 and 199.
  • Record Filter…
    Clicking this button displays the Record Filter settings that control which calls on the stations will actually be recorded. This shows the dialog. Note that the only options checked are the two choices under Call Direction, Record Inbound Calls and Record Outbound Calls. Because none of the other filters are enabled this means that all calls on the record profiles station list will be recorded:


  • Schedule Enabled and Schedule…
    By default, record profiles are always active. However, if desired, recordings can be controlled using a weekly schedule. To enable a schedule, check the “Schedule Enabled” checkbox and click the Schedule button. This shows an example schedule that will only record calls from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:



  • Percentage of calls to record
    This can be used if a sample of the calls is desired. For example, setting this to 5 percent would result in one out of every calls that match the profile being recorded.
  • Silent Record
    This controls the periodic background beep heard when a call is being recorded.
  • Customer Stop Key
    This allows a specific key setting that enables the customer to cancel the recording.
  • Save Filter
    This provides access to the Save Filter which can be used in advanced call application integration scenarios.  It also provides the setting that determines whether users running the record client can request that the recording be thrown away at the end of the call and not saved.
  • Storage Settings
    This allows control over where the recording is saved when the call completes. The recording can be saved in the file system or a ShoreTel Voicemail box. If the recording is stored in the file system, the File Settings dialog (accessed by pressing the File Settings button) allows access to the root storage path and any sub folders. The sub folders and file name can use data from the call to construct the names.


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