Contributing To A Successful Acquisition

    Companies undergo mergers and acquisitions (M&As) for different reasons, but using it as a Launchpad toward future growth is one primary reason.

    Large corporations sometimes go one step further by acquiring companies that are a threat, dissolve them, and thus neutralizing that threat. But for more modest-sized companies, it is mainly about the pursuit of more future revenue and broadening the company’s product offerings.

    ShoreTel and M5 just recently announced completion of the acquisition deal.

    To be successful, we need to be thinking on how we can add value to this as individuals. It could just be something as simple as having an open mind, welcoming staff from both sides and sharing cultures. There are also the more operational elements – defining and creating new processes, integration of workflows, communicating change in a sensitive manner, creating synergies, et cetera.

    The cost of not doing the above is something we can ill afford. According to a KPMG study, 83 percent of all M&As fail to provide any benefits. Some top reasons include:

    • Individual preoccupation – how is this going to impact me and how can I protect myself
    • Lack of focus in dealing with the uncertainty
    • Lack of Quality Communications

    Speed of the integration is crucial. Focus and leadership are some top elements of success. Success is never guaranteed but it is clear that the winning formula has to include a mix of both the operational and human elements. When everyone is aligned and committed to win, that’s when the M&A becomes one of the 17 percent that are successful.

    At ShoreTel, we’ve never been one to follow the status quo. Here’s to success.

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