Create a Global Office with VoIP, Video and Unified Communications

    While the global economy is eliminating borders for many businesses, it also presents some far-flung communications obstacles. For example, organizations that want to operate around the world have to rethink collaboration. After all, their teams are now dispersed. They also need to consider how to best communicate with partners, clients and suppliers who are located in distant geographies and time zones.

    For businesses tackling such barriers, Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) combined with video and unified communications (UC) systems enable more effective communication and collaboration, both in the company’s own distributed offices and with clients, partners, and suppliers.

    Here are just a few of the benefits a UC platform can offer global businesses:

    • Team collaboration. Video improves collaboration by making face-to-face conversations possible, even when some members of the team are in Chicago and others are in London or Berlin. Important meetings don’t have to be put on hold just because teams aren’t co-located, and chat features allow far-flung workers to ask and answer questions in real time.
    • Customer experience. Despite the fluidity of the modern workspace, businesses want to project a professional face to their clients and conduct seamless interactions. With UC, a global company can configure its VoIP phone system to route calls based on language or location. That way, for example, Spanish-language speakers quickly receive customer support in their native language.
    • Remote workers. Nowadays, many employees work part of the time either from home or temporary offices. They conduct business in coffee shops, airports or even on vacation at the beach. By enabling remote workers to access call records and receive calls regardless of where they happen to be sitting, UC improves the customer experience. Often, callers aren’t even aware the employee isn’t in the office.
    • Improved hiring. As global businesses expand into new markets, video capabilities streamline the hiring process and expand the pool of applicants, giving the organization access to top talent it might not otherwise have been able to consider. In addition, such systems all but eliminate travel, thus sharply reducing hiring costs.
    • Cost Savings. In addition to saving money on international calling and travel, businesses that centralize their phone needs with UC systems reduce the expense of managing multiple PBXs and other telephone systems.

    As opportunities open up in new regions, global organizations don’t need to hesitate. UC phone systems are flexible enough to meet demand today and tomorrow.