CRM can monitor customer feedback

    Small businesses should encourage feedback to determine if their customers had a positive experience. As a part of customer relationship management, companies will encounter negative and positive reviews or comments about their services, but the way a business reacts to feedback can leave a lasting impression.

    No matter what type of messages consumers leave for a small company, it is important that employees do not get angry or respond in an unprofessional manner. Instead, to keep clients coming back, an organization should take interest in social media interactions and respond quickly, which shows how much a company cares about its audience.

    A company should not do most of the talking, but rather listen to what its consumers have to say, according to web strategist Andy Hayes. Even if there is a negative comment, organization owners should ask why someone feels that way so as to make improvements to a service or marketing approach.

    According to the Young Entrepreneur Council, writing for Business 2 Community, a company can gain a lot by asking for feedback because it can can make consumers feel like their opinions are valued.



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