CRM helps United Airlines, Disney provide better customer relations

    For many customer service professionals, customer relationship management CRM) systems obviously contribute to better customer relations, but the examples of CRM in United Airlines and Disney provide proof of the technology's benefits.

    The use of both traditional (CRM that unifies calls, emails and inquiries into one interface and social CRM that crawls data from social media platforms can generate positive relationships.

    United Airlines uses CRM

    CRM is improving relationships in the airline industry, as evident from the results of a long-term CRM plan implemented by United Airlines. According to Chief Marketer, the airline has completed two out of a five-year CRM strategy and is already seeing results.

    "We wanted to create a way to initiate positive interactions between agents and customers," Mark Krolick, United Airline's managing director of Mileage Marketing, told the news source. Krolick said that the airline needed a financial commitment and external partners to implement the CRM plan that championed smart customer service.

    The airline outlined four goals as part of the plan. According to Krolick, these goals included the addition of a full non-member database and the improvement of client experience on the day of their flight, reported Chief Marketer. The company is also looking to expand its customer recognition program across the entire program and conduct more data-driven marketing using personalization.

    "We've made a significant investment, but we're seeing a significant return as well," Krolick said, according to the news source.

    Disney's Live CRM system

    Disney has long been known as a company that champions customer experience at its resorts. The company hopes to use an RFID mechanism to tailor amusement park experiences to the individual preferences of resort guests, reported Business 2 Community.

    Through the collection and analysis of customer transactional information, Disney hopes to increase customer satisfaction. Social CRM allows a customer to gauge customer experience through social media platforms, but Disney hopes to deploy "Live" CRM.

    "Disney might be able to tell, for instance, that a family wandering one of its theme parks in the evening has no dinner reservations, and so could contact the family by cell phone to suggest nearby restaurants with available seats or promotions," said Disney By The Numbers, an online guide to Disney.

    The use of CRM allows airlines, amusement parks and other enterprises centered on customer service to provide the best possible experiences to customers. If customers are happy, they're likely to remain loyal, ultimately allowing enterprises to grow and gain revenue.

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