CRM platforms should go the distance

    Many companies are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) strategies in order to improve customer satisfaction, but the strategies require more attention to long-term goals than initial implementation.

    Wireless Week recently offered ideas about how companies can maintain CRM strategies after their initial implementation phase, which is typically defined as the first 30 days that a system is in place.


    The news source suggested that providers continuously give clients updated information about the benefits they are entitled to. If providers constantly offer updates, it is less likely that customers will call the contact center, saving the business money.


    Wireless Week reported that surveying customers often can result in insights for success.


    According to CRM Buyer, some companies make mistakes when implementing CRM or social CRM strategies among employees, mostly because they believe implementation will be an automatic fix.


    It's important that companies wait until they are comfortable with CRM before they "go big." Organizations should make sure that teams are convinced that these tools make employees do their jobs better, reported the news source. It's important that the people using the tools do not believe they are superfluous.



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