CRM provides a fivefold return on investment

    A new study by Nucleus Research found that businesses investing in customer relationship management solutions see an average return of over $5 for every $1 put into the system. Among the other benefits of CRM, the survey also shows that companies that grant mobile access to agents had a productivity increase of 15 percent, and social media support increased productivity another 12 percent.

    "Given the significant ROI opportunity, all organizations should consider mobile and social CRM adoption for salespeople," Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research for Nucleus Research, and the author of the report, told Customer Think.


    According to Wettermann, one interesting conclusion of the study was that for many companies, it wasn't the adoption of CRM that granted these benefits, but rather upgrading to better CRM from legacy systems. Cloud-based solutions and integration with unified communications can improve customer service a great deal, increasing the quality of systems, adding support for additional contact methods, and more.


    Wettermann also discussed the advantages social tools give businesses with the news source, stating that social CRM support has significant productivity benefits for professionals. Receiving customer support through social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook is one of the most demanded services of a contact center.



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