CRN | Behind The Scenes: How ShoreTel Keeps The Boston Celtics Running

    'No Matter Who Wins, ShoreTel Wins'

    "The Boston Celtics went head to head with the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday, Nov. 28, in a heated, action-packed game that ended 95 to 83 in Brooklyn's favor. It was the 15th game of Boston's 2012 season, and, despite the eventual upset, Boston fans stuck it out with the Celtics until that final whistle blew.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes of it all is ShoreTel, whose unified communications (UC) solutions serve as the backbone to the Boston Celtics' season. ShoreTel, along with its solution provider partner Harbor Networks, gave CRN a glimpse into how their voice and UC platforms keep the Celtics' offices and executive team up and running.

    The Celtics aren't the only NBA team ShoreTel touts as a customer. In addition to the Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards, the Brooklyn Nets -- the Celtics' opponent for the evening -- also rely on ShoreTel for their voice and UC needs.

    The Nets' Senior Director of Information Technology Mireille Verna, said the Nets use ShoreTel's cloud-based UC system -- also known as ShoreTel Sky -- and that the reliability has been rock-solid. The most recent testament to this, she said, was how well ShoreTel's solutions withstood the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

    "[The Brooklyn office] was intact," Verna said. "I attribute that to planning, to the stability of the system. ... We were pleasantly surprised it didn't go down. One less thing to worry about."

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