Cross-platform UC Helps Nortel Customers Salvage Investment

    As recently as last year, customers were investing large amounts of money in buying new Nortel systems. Now with Avaya taking the reins having bought Nortel out of bankruptcy, Nortel customers are faced with the dilemma of how to salvage some of their investment in their legacy Nortel PBXs without disrupting their communication systems and business processes.

    Understandably, they are hesitant to scrap their entire investment, but many customers may feel that obsolescence is the only thing in store for their systems.

    When Avaya acquired Nortel, it attempted to reassure the current Nortel base about how it would support existing product lines and invest in product development. Yesterday, Avaya began rolling out a roadmap that essentially points Nortel customers to install new system, Avaya Aura, to manage their old systems.

    The ultimate destination for Nortel customers remains unclear, however it seems to lead to a significant investment into a very complex product concept to connect the Nortel system to Avaya.

    Providing an ‘overlay’ system to manage remote Nortel and other systems will be a costly and complicated endeavor. That is exactly the type of design flaw that ShoreTel has successfully avoided because we designed a brilliantly simple solution from the ground up for the IP age.

    Nortel and other legacy PBX customers should know that from the beginning, ShoreTel has offered a brilliantly simple alternative to incrementally investing to protect their original communications investment by integrating our cross-platform UC solution into their existing system.

    The ShoreTel 360 Legacy Migration Program is designed to help organizations, especially ones with multiple locations and a multivendor environment, take sensible, gradual transition to unified communications. One that doesn’t dismantle their entire legacy PBX infrastructure in one fell swoop and instead allows them to migrate to an all-IP solution based on their own timeline and budget.

    ShoreTel’s IP-based architecture supports SIP and other open standards so it easily integrates with existing, third-party PBXs. This lets companies adopt ShoreTel’s UC features across the enterprise without purchasing a new system to manage their current systems. ShoreTel can provide a safe and economical migration path that won’t disrupt the business and adds new capabilities that make the existing system even easier to manage.

    Ultimately, organizations find that their aging PBX begins to cost more money to maintain than it does to replace it. Until then, however, ShoreTel wants to provide them with a way to salvage their investment.


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