Customer Loyalty and Contact Centers

    Many companies are attempting to differentiate themselves from their competitors through customer service. Finding new customers is always important for the growth of a company, but keeping existing customers has a significant impact on a company’s ability to survive in a global economy. While companies are placing more pressure on their customer service organization to retain customers, the primary reason most often cited as to why customers change loyalty is inadequate, or a lack of, customer service.

    There are two distinct types of customer loyalty: economic-based and attitude based loyalty. Economic-based loyalty is when customers keep doing business with a company because they feel the cost of switching to an alternative out-weighs the benefits. Attitude-based loyalty is when customers keep doing business with a company because they trust the company to act in their best interest.

    Trust is a key element of attitude-based customer loyalty; when encouraging trust between a company and its customers, the contact center is a central organization in that development. A company’s contact center is still the primary touch point between the organization and its customers. Those that go above and beyond customer expectations will have the greatest opportunity to gain, and maintain, customer trust, and to build superior attitude-based loyalty.

    A solid contact center solution is an amazingly simple yet effective way to provide a significant advantage over a competitor through its trust-building features – elevating a company to market trend-setter and forcing others to play catch-up. ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center provides many features necessary for crafting successful interactions that ensure the trust of an organization’s customers, ensuring the attitude-based customer loyalty model will prevail over the competition.

    Read the full white paper on how contact centers can increase customer retention to learn more about customer loyalty and the features in ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center that enable contact centers to develop and enrich attitude-based customer loyalty.

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