Customer relationship management goes mobile

    Customer relationships are one of the driving forces behind the success of any business. As technologies develop, customers are looking for more convenient methods to contact organizations. Mobile customer relationship management offers an innovative way for companies to stay connected with their audiences.

    Mobile devices have been popping up everywhere, thanks to the advent of the bring your own device movement. Although some dread the possible security risks that come with mobile use, other companies have embraced the trend and modified it to include customer relationship management. This offers employees the option to get away from their desktops and connect with customers in a mobile-friendly method.

    Mobile benefits

    In the years before mobile devices, companies had been managing their consumer interactions mostly via unfriendly interfaces, which might have affected a customer's decision to continue using a service or product, according to CRM Buyer's Christopher Bucholtz. However, business owners might see the light at the end of the tunnel with mobile CRM.

    Providing a mobility option for clients could make any organization seem more reachable than if a client has to wait half an hour to talk to someone on the phone. This could result in a feeling of immediate gratification and could possibly influence a customer's decision to use a service in the future.

    Mobile CRM is also a way of collecting data. Companies can access information concerning the people who are using their apps, which can shape their marketing strategies. Data collection via mobile CRM can be easier than with a traditional CRM system. According to Bucholtz, the sales team can add information as it surfaces, which could lead to more accurate data than if the sales team waited until the end of the day to analyze customer interactions.

    Beware of cost

    Midsize Insider's Doug Bonderud suggested that although mobile CRM has been embraced by many companies, business owners should be aware of the cost. Creating an app that makes it easier for consumers to connect with customer service staff could prove to be expensive to create and sustain, but the benefits make incorporating mobile CRM worth the cost.

    As new technologies emerge, companies should consider innovative ways to stay in contact with customers.

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