Customer satisfaction key to gauging call center success

    A new survey from market researchers at Ovum reveals that most companies use customer satisfaction to assess the success of their contact centers.

    The report examined the importance that telecommunication, technology and retain companies, as well as federal agencies, place in various metrics used to determine call center achievement. Over 100 customer service managers from the U.K., U.S., Canada and Australia answered questions in a telephone survey conducted from December to January.

    Approximately 90 percent of all respondents said that they value customer relationship metrics over others, like cost savings and efficiency, as the primary way to determine success. The second most important was first call resolution, followed by average handle time. The majority of those surveyed also stated that they believe customer satisfaction will be their priority for the next few years.

    The contact center leaders were also asked about their strategies for achieving high customer satisfaction. Sixty-nine percent stated that they heavily invested in live chat and social media support, something that many younger consumers value highly. Many also stated that they are focusing on improved customer relationship management.

    Research collaborator Lee Weiner said in a press release related to the survey that many organizations used to focus on cost control and efficiency, but now more than ever they are looking to improve customer satisfaction.

    In addition to the metrics used to determine call center success, the survey also examined how companies evaluate customer satisfaction. While the majority use web surveys and IVR solutions, reviewing calls and monitoring social media are also popular.

    Companies have found that a variety of solutions can positively affect customer satisfaction. Many, like reduced wait time, improved call sound quality and improved call routing, are all associated with cloud-based VoIP business phone systems.

    Cloud VoIP provides a plethora of benefits, including those listed. Agent flexibility, efficient call queues and better service all amount to increase customer satisfaction. By implementing a cloud solution, a company can also improve employee happiness by offering increased mobility and the option to telework. Happier agents means increased productivity, and that means more calls resolved quickly and efficiently, meaning happier consumers and increased revenue.

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