Customer Service Week: Companies showing their agents some love

    In contact centers across the country, customer service agents are hard at work, ensuring that clients' problems are quickly resolved, that they are happy and that they continue to be loyal to a company.

    New technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM), VoIP and unified communications are helping customer service agents provide the best possible services. Even with these new technologies, so much depends on the quality of individual agents, who must provide friendly, patient and understanding interactions that not only help clients resolve their issues, but keep them with the company.


    According to Business 2 Community, these able representatives should have the best-quality internet to give the best service. Strong internet connections as well as applications offer better customer insights and result in happier employees.


    Customer Service Week, currently under way, is an annual week-long celebration of people who help customers. According to 1 to 1 Media, companies should recognize their customer service agents during this time, letting them know how essential they are to business, especially when the turnover in contact centers is so rapid.


    Customer Service Week is a time when companies should consider who is best suited to their call centers so they can make smart hires in the future, reported 1 to 1 Media.