Customer Success Story: Adecco

    Adecco S.A., the world’s largest provider of HR solutions, is a Swiss multinational human resource consulting company based in Glattbrugg, Switzerland. Whether a company needs workforce solutions, direct placement or temporary talent, Adecco has a solution. Their Adecco Belgium division is made up of 700 employees spread across 120 locations throughout the country.

    For Adecco Belgium, business communication technology decentralization was a killer—hampering productivity, limiting flexibility and sucking up valuable resources. Since Adecco’s primary goal is providing the right candidate for the right client, the company’s employees spend a lot of time interacting with their clients and candidates on the phone. However, the company didn’t have a centralised phone system—every branch had its own phone system. This posed major challenges. Adecco did not have any control or visibility into how many calls were made or where they were calling. And if they had a technical issue, IT staff had to visit the site.

    “[Our old phone system] was a nightmare for us to manage,” said Bjorn Van Reet, ICT Director of Adecco Belgium.

    At the same time Adecco Belgium was assessing their communication systems, they decided to relocate their headquarters, making it an ideal time to install a new voice over IP (VoIP) communication system. They implemented a Mitel communication system paired with Mitel phones across all 120 locations and have been very pleased with the results.

    Since implementing Mitel communication solutions, Adecco has seen increased productivity and a simpler user experience across all offices. They’ve also seen increased flexibility, as Mitel solutions enable their employees to work wherever they want and whenever they want. Cost reductions are another big benefit the company has seen from implementing Voice over IP (VoIP). And now that Adecco Belgium has centralised its communication system, it’s easy to implement features at all 120 locations with one click.

    With everything working smoothly, Adecco Belgium is a great example of how much more efficiently and effectively a company can work once it has consolidated communications into a single, robust system—and how much deeper the advantages can go beyond simple phone calls.

    “All of the calls and interactions we have at Adecco Belgium are free now, so this is a big advantage. Also because we have central outbreaks, we control the outbound and incoming call traffic perfectly – this is also bringing us a real cost benefit at the end of the day. —Bjorn Van Reet, ICT Director, Adecco Belgium

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