Customer Success Story: Amstelland

     “In a critical environment such as a hospital, telephone accessibility can be a matter of life or death when trying to reach members of the CPR team or medical specialists. Mitel has supplied proven technology, which meets our high accessibility requirements.” - Jan van Glabbeek, Head of ICT, Amstelland Hospital

    Accessibility is a matter of life or death in a hospital. Precious seconds may be lost if a specialist, a member of the CPR team or an IC nurse first has to find a fixed telephone extension when they receive an alert on their pager. For residents in Amstelland, Netherlands they turn to Amstelland Hospital for their medical needs.

    When Amstelland Hospital started looking for a replacement for its telephone switchboard, one of the most important requirements was optimum accessibility via portable handsets. They also wanted to improve accessibility for doctors and nurses.

    They implemented Mitel solutions including MiVoice, MiCollab, and MiContact Center, which they integrated with their Ascom and Trapeze solutions. The benefits have included:

    • Immediate availability of hospital employees
    • Future-proof solution
    • Most components implemented with 100% redundancy, to ensure maximum availability
    • Separate voice and data, to ensure that data communication remains functional irrespective of the availability of voice

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