Mitel recently announced the completion its merger with Aastra. Now we have twice the revenue, twice the global reach and range of solutions, twice the momentum, and twice the opportunity. Another thing we have is twice the customer success!

    Global rental car company Avis also prides itself on customer service. And when it needed to restructure its contact center in Gothenberg, Sweden, the rental company turned to Aastra, a Mitel company, for a new communications solution.

    Avis wanted a system to further improve customer service. The company’s objectives included: reducing call-waiting times and reducing the number of times a calls were abandoned to less than 5 percent. And it wanted to accomplish these objectives without having to hire an estimated 300 new contact center agents.

    With help from Aastra, Avis did a comprehensive expansion of the existing Solidus eCare configuration together with its MX-ONE solution to create a virtual contact center across the Nordic region. Instead of only having agents in Gothenburg, staff members in branches can become agents of the contact center.

    Avis Scandinavia is now a single large virtual contact center, where everyone can help out. Today, the solution can handle about 450 agents simultaneously and this figure is constantly rising. The key benefits have included:

    • Reduced abandoned calls by more than 95 percent without extra staff
    • Existing skills and competence are used in the best way
    • Increased revenue 15 percent during prime season
    • Fast and effective customer service with 90 percent of issues resolved immediately