Customer Success Story: Bancroft

    Bancroft is one of the leading non-profit providers of specialized services for individuals with brain injuries, autism and intellectual disabilities. Founded 130 years ago, Bancroft provides services including special education, vocational training and supported employment, structured day programs, campus and community living programs, short-term behavioral stabilization services for children, and in-home and outpatient services. Their 2400 employees and volunteers work in 15 locations across three states.

    In 2012, Fina Nash joined Bancroft as VP of Information Technology and realized they had communication challenges with five older legacy phone systems-which were piecemealed together. The challenges included having costly to maintain systems to manage, different carriers, and the inability to direct dial employees at other sites.

    The key criteria they were looking for included cost, level of service, and a company that was able to support medium size businesses. They also needed a solution that was simple for a small IT staff to manage. Their partner, Telecom Decision Makers recommended Mitel who met all the criteria. One of their key technology goals was to move everything to the cloud; which they have already completed with their email, CRM, HR/Payroll, and they wanted to do the samewith the phone system. The Mitel MiCloud solution has provided them benefits including: 

    • Significant cost savings from consolidating lines, phone numbers and ability to direct dial among employees
    • Boost productivity by enabling mobile employees to stay connected by leveraging “Follow me” feature
    • Mitel architecture makes it simple to do add/moves/changes without requiring extra staff
    • Employees now have their own phone numbers which makes it easier to connect with each other, patients and their family members

    “At Bancroft, our strategic goals are to become more agile, more affordable and more innovative. Mitel aligned with our company goals and has helped us unify our communications company-wide enabling our staff, patients, and family members to stay connected. Moving to the Cloud allows us to see significant cost savings and be more agile.” – Fina Nash, VP Information Technology, Bancroft

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