Customer Success Story: Distribution Management

    "I installed MContact Center for its agent accountability and excellent built in call reporting. Before the system was installed, our call abandonment rate was as high as 40%. After the system was installed, call abandonment dropped below 5%.”        —Karen Meyer, Telecommunications Analyst, Distribution Management

    When it comes to order fulfillment, Distribution Management in St. Louis, Missouri, United States delivers. Their services include omni-channel fulfillment, shipping, inventory management, technology and automation. A lot of their business is done on the phone, which makes having the right communications systems critical.

    “We were being overcharged for support. We could not upgrade supporting servers because the custom software data dip would break and was too expensive to re-write, and we were losing 40% of our incoming calls,” explains Karen Meyer, Telecommunications Analyst at Distribution Management.

    They turned to their partner Tech Electronics to find a solution that would meet their communication needs.  They implemented Mitel solutions including Mitel 3300 controllers, MiCollab Client, MiCollab Messenger, Mitel Integrated Voice Response, MiVoice Enterprise Manager, MiContact Center Manager and Mitel softphones. Benefits from their implementation of Mitel solutions include:

    • Call abandonment dropped below 5%
    • Forced ACD agent accountability
    • Improved reporting and agent visibility-enabled call center managers to better manage staffing
    • Custom data dip can easily be updated to match server software updates

    “The experience was positive and a good company decision.  Our company also gained a new view of what was happening in the call center which allowed us to improve it,” concludes Meyer.

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