Customer Success Story: Greenville Utilities

    “The Mitel solutions have been rock solid and allowed us a great return on investment and total cost of ownership.” David Garris, ISS, Greenville Utilities
    Since 1905, Greenville Utilities has been providing electric, water, sewer and natural gas services to the citizens of Greenville, North Carolina, United States and surrounding areas.  As a public utility, their top priorities include having quick response times, providing quality customer service, and being fiscally responsible.  
    In 2011, they were using an older telecom system that would be not only expensive to upgrade but the support was expensive as well. They also realized that if they did choose to purchase the costly upgrade, they wouldn’t get the ‘bells and whistles’ that a newer integrated system would provide. 
    The decision was made to go with Mitel solutions for their 480 users in six locations. They implemented Mitel solutions including MiContact Center, Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UCA), Mitel Integrated Voice Response (IVR), and MiVoice Call Recording. The benefits have included:
    • Lower cost of ownership
    • Quicker response to customers
    • Less dropped calls by customers because of quicker answer times
    “Mitel is a very good product that brought down our bottom line and allowed us to give our customers multiple ways to contact us but more importantly for us to resolve their issues quicker,” concludes David Garris, ISS, Greenville Utilities.
    One of the key things Garris attributes to their success is their partner ATCOM. “ATCOM, our resource for the Mitel product(s), have been a great fit for us.  They have answered questions, resolved issues and helped train me to administer as much of the system as I wanted.  Everyone there is approachable, friendly and professional,” concludes Garris.

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