Customer Success Story: iCentrex

    iCentrex is a Service Provider and Mitel customer based in Sweden, dedicated to providing simple to use, understand and operate cloud-based communication services to their customers and clients.  Their challenge was they want to provide professional and innovative business communication add-on services and apps to help them differentiate against competitors.

    Creatively using the full set of web services, APIs and open interfaces available in MiCloud Telepo for Service Providers, iCentrex designed intuitive user interfaces to further improve access, so that now, Cloud communications has been opened up to a much wider business audience. The intuitive iCentrex enhancements to the MiCloud Telepo for Service Providers mean that both administrators and end users can quickly make configuration changes, update their status and generally ensure that communication continues to flow.

    As part of the solution, add-on applications and services available include:

    • iCentrex Me app for iOS and Android: This product lets users update their presence and availability quickly.
    • MyiCentrex Web Portal: This portal allows administrators to simply manage ALL aspects of their iCentrex solution.
    • Call Center Wallboard App: This lets supervisors and managers keep on top of their call center stats and call flow, on the move; in fact, anywhere.

    Using the power of MiCloud Telepo for Service Providers and their ingenuity and expertise in Cloud communications, iCentrex has created a robust, in-demand, competitive offering. Since introducing their offerings to the market, they have seen their business grow rapidly. In addition adding the Mitel CIMA (Customer Innovation Momentum Award) to their trophy cabinet has brought even more customers to their door.

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