Customer Success Story: Milton Keynes Council

    Milton Keynes Council, a local government authority in Buckinghamshire, England, provides a full range of services to nearly a quarter-million residents, including social services, tax, libraries, waste collection/disposal and planning, and is a local education authority. 

    As you can imagine, residents are in constant contact with the council. Previously, residents had only the option of calling with questions and requests. But the council wanted to give residents the ability to contact them through whichever communication method the residents preferred (phone, Web and mobile) while continuing to provide consistent, quality information. That was the main reason for Milton seeking out a new communications system. Some of the other drivers included accommodation, rationalization and looking to make effective use of their resources.

    Milton Keynes looked at various communications technologies and selected Mitel because of its complete virtualization solution. Mitel has partnered with VMware to ensure effective and efficient virtualization. Another key factor when selecting Mitel was that Mitel integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products. The council is also very focused on a green agenda and is always considering how they can reduce their carbon footprint, so of course that was a factor in which system they ultimately chose to implement.

    The council implemented Mitel MiVoice Business, MiCollab and MiContact Center and immediately began leveraging features such as hotdesking and flexible working. The benefits have been very positive and include:

    • Ability to handle influx of calls at contact center peak call hours
    • Flexibility for contact center home workers
    • A 67% reduction in the carbon output on the traditional desktop
    • Excellent feedback from all of the program team and suppliers

    “Mitel has provided a strong platform that has brought virtual server technologies into the mainstream and to gain business benefit, cost reduction and improvements to service. … The council sees Mitel as the core of its communications infrastructure,” says Martin Heaton, principal communications engineer, Milton Keynes Council.

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