Customer Success Story: OAISYS – Peoplecare

    Running a not-for-profit of over 30,000 members is not an easy task. Australian health insurer Peoplecare has managed this in both their primary call center location and remote workers with the firm handling between 7,000 and 8,000 calls a month.

    In the past, the company used spreadsheets and periodical review of calls to track its service level and agent performance. The company realized over time they needed more efficient processes and high volume solutions were necessary to truly measure the performance and effectiveness.

    Business Process Improvement manager at Peoplecare, Tory Macri, looked into various offerings, ultimately deciding on OAISYS Tracer as the solution of choice. Tracer’s easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface was an important consideration in making that decision.

    Macri has found one of the greatest benefits with Tracer is the ability to oversee remote staff as easily and thoroughly as those stationed in Peoplecare’s main office. “This really gives us benefit in terms of being able to see and hear what’s happening in our remote workers’ environments, as opposed to those staff you see and hear in the office every day. Definitely for any organization where you’ve got teleworkers or workers outside your head office, it is very good at looking at consistency of application for their calls and also their work related activities...”

    The performance of the system, paired with the exceptional support delivered by their solution provider, CVT (Global) Pty Ltd, gives Macri confidence that Peoplecare will enjoy continued benefits from the OAISYS Tracer deployment. “I’ve got nothing but compliments for the system because it does what we initially were seeking, and the support we get from CVT has been complementary. They’re always there to help.”     

    “Peoplecare has recently rebranded itself, deciding it was time for an extreme makeover and chose an exciting new look, which is distinctive, innovative, stands apart…and tells the world what we’re all about…at our very core, we believe a personal approach is best, and we wanted our new look to reflect our values and goals, including: personalized service from real people… We’ve made significant improvements in how we communicate with our members. Tracer has helped us tailor our verbal communication to make it more personalized.” - Michael Bassingthwaighte, Peoplecare, CEO

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