A community-based bank in Los Angeles, California – United Pacific City Bank – offers a mix of business and personal accounts, emphasizing Internet and mobile banking. Despite their online focus, the bank considers live telephone communication with customers to be mission critical. In contrast with larger banks that route calls to auto attendants, all calls to Pacific City Bank are personally routed by receptionists to the appropriate staff member for assistance.

    The idea that friendly, professional interactions build lasting relationships brought Pacific City Bank to consider the communication benefits offered by merging data and phone service into one network. Their mission was to simplify and integrate communications to help staff in multiple branches offer personalized, prompt financial services to customers. To unify, streamline, and centralize communications, they seamlessly upgraded to VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and MiCollab (previously UC Advanced) on a Mitel system.

    Instant messaging was an important form of collaboration among employees, but Pacific City Bank was not willing to compromise security on external chat services. Because MiCollab instant messaging (IM) and file sharing offer security not typically found in IM services—including a secure and encrypted IM history log—it became a key component of internal communications for the bank. In fact, Jay Park, Management Information Systems Supervisor at Pacific City Bank, pointed out that many employees prefer chat to phone calls.

    “Instant Message is one of the best used features of the new system. We can chat with one person or many with a mouse click. Some of us even multitask, with a phone call and a chat session going at the same time,” says Park. “We can also drag and drop a file for sharing into a chat session. This way everyone can look at the file at the same time in a secure environment, helping us work together to share ideas and solve problems.”

    The results at Pacific City Bank have included:

    • Integrated voice and data communication
    • Cost savings
    • Seamless access to all employees on any device
    • A single access point for better control
    • Simplified, real-time communication and collaboration
    • In-house disaster recovery for the company’s communications

    “Caller self-routing, Dynamic Extension, Visual Voice Mail: these are just some of the functions in MiCollab that are making us more productive, day by day. Instant message is one of the best-used features of the new system. We can chat with one person or many with a mouse click.” — Jay Park, Management Information Systems Supervisor, Pacific City Bank

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