Customer Success Story: Parnaiba Natural Gas

    "The system is very reliable, simple and integrates with other technologies such as video conferencing. I can focus myself on more strategic operations,” - Rafael Proner, IT coordinator, Parnaiba Natural Gas

    Parnaíba Gas Natural (PGN) is an independent Exploration and Production company, which operates in the Parnaíba Basin, Maranhão State, Brazil. With an average gas production of 5.5 million m3 per day, Parnaiba Natural Gas is one of the largest gas producers in Brazil.

    Between October 2013 and early 2014, OGX Maranhão became Parnaiba Natural Gas (PGN) and IT coordinator Rafael Proner was asked to build an information technology and telecommunications infrastructure virtually from scratch for the new office. The main challenge was to do everything possible to prevent investments in purchase of assets so Capex (Capital Expenditure) would stay at very high levels.

    One of their key initiatives was to connect two different locations. One location included a central logistics office and a gas treatment facility and the second unit included two drilling rigs and a management office located in Rio de Janeiro. "If we could not connect to the legacy systems, our cost would be about 40% higher. There would also be loss in functionality because the phone would not be digital, but analog, which would raise phone bill costs, "contextualized Proner.

    PGN turned to their partner MTEL Technology for a mixed model, which included part of the solution provided via NAAS (unified communications and IP telephony in partnership with Mitel), and part via traditional sales, encompassing video conferencing, switches and telephone exchange. MTel Technology is a Mitel partner in Brazil, which specializes in implementation, integration, operation and outsourcing of converged voice networks, data, image and safety.

    The benefits have included:

    • Cost savings from being able to integrate with legacy systems. In addition cost avoidance from leveraging a NAAS solution from their partner
    • Reliable unified communication between all units ensuring no down time between sites
    • Simplicity of solution allowed IT to focus on other strategic operations
    • Integration with other systems including video conferencing
    • Quick return on investment in 30 months

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