For businesses that cannot compromise on service and reliability, Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions, Inc. (RGTS) is the choice for comprehensive telecommunications and data services and solutions. Established in 1984, RGTS was among the earliest service providers to offer voice mail in the mid 1980s, high speed Internet access in the mid 1990s, and IP-based phone service in the mid 2000s. 
    In 2009 they realized that for them to keep up with growing customer demand, they needed to augment their existing proprietary IP phone system with an open standards SIP-based solution that was less constrained and could leverage XML standards. Their long-term strategy included cost-effective integration to 3rd-party applications.
    RGTS selected Aastra’s Clearspan® to power a new service they call ROCKvoice. Clearspan was originally developed as a carrier platform with inherent multi-tenancy architecture. This allows RGTS to provide its tenants with a hosted, or cloud, service with the security, reliability, control, and robust functionality that enterprises are looking for without the administrative burden.
    With Clearspan, Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions saw many benefits over the existing proprietary system, including:
    • Lower total cost of ownership 
    • Abundant unified communications productivity tools
    • Greater flexibility provides more service offerings for customers
    • Open standards XML supports ongoing innovation
    “We’re very pleased to launch our new ROCKVoice platform with Clearspan from Aastra. We’re very confident of its many benefits and of the advantages it will provide in the years ahead for our clients and for our service operations.” – John Tarduno, President and CEO, Rockefeller Group Technology Solutions, Inc. 

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