Customer Success Story: SIX Payment Services

    When companies need a payment processing provider, they know they need to turn to an expert in the industry. With a great reputation for customer service and cutting-edge technology, SIX Payment Services is a global provider of bank card transaction management based in Luxembourg. With 13 local offices that support businesses in 29 countries, they primarily support include the hotel, restaurants and parking industries.

    SIX Payment Services needed a new business communication solution, they knew they needed to find a leader that has a reputation for great customer service and uses cutting-edge technology. They needed to modernize their telephone infrastructure that was obsolete and unify communications across their global offices, lower internal communication costs, strengthen external telecommunications, and provide greater mobility to their employees.

    The solution was a single integrated communications system from Mitel using MiVoice Business, MiContact Center, Softphone, Mobile client and audio & web conferencing. The immediate benefits were including:

    • Cost savings between sites from leveraging VoIP, conferencing and virtualization
    • Reliability to ensure 24/7 customer service
    • Centralized management of communications infrastructure
    • Unified communications including web and audio conferencing
    • Increased employee mobility enabling employees to work anywhere at any time

    “ROI will take three years. In addition, there are also non-financial benefits such as the flexibility that the system supplies or the possibility of extensions and scaling to meet our communications needs.”- Benoit Collet, Director of IT, SIX Payment Services Luxembourg

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