Customer Success Story: Texas A&M

    Known as an academic and athletic powerhouse in central Texas, Texas A&M (TAMU) boasts 46,000 undergraduates, 8,500 graduate students, and over 250 degree programs. When the University began undertaking $650M new construction project, and with many of the key systems failing to keep up, it became obvious that a replacement plan was needed.

    Due to its specialized research programs, TAMU had the knowledge and experience for choosing a new communications system. Based on their expertise and association with several research universities and organizations, Dr. Walt Magnussen, Ph.D., Director of Telecommunications for TAMU and co-director of Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center (ITEC), developed a set of key criteria for their next generation voice communications solution.  The key criteria included (1) the solution must be built on a VoIP platform (2) Solution components must be standards based (SIP) whenever possible and (3) The solution must be immediately deployable, but capable of co-existing with legacy systems for a gradual migration plan.

    The solution was Clearspan® from Aastra a Mitel company, a carrier-grade VoIP solution, based on open standards, and running on blade servers housed in redundant campus data centers. The University has been very happy with the solution and the benefits have included:

    • Increased level of service
    • Built from the ground-up as a standards-based (pure SIP) solution
    • Centralized architecture provides capital and operational savings over hardware-centric solutions
    • Complete UC solutions with unified messaging, conference and collaboration, fixed mobile convergence and contact center functionality built-in, not bolted on
    • Self-Paced Migration allows strategically-planned migration based on resources and budget

    “Clearspan provides the openness we desire to allow for integration of other applications and SIP-based devices. Additionally, the carrier-grade reliability and scalability give us the confidence that this solution will support the aggressive growth plans of the University.” – Dr. Walt Magnussen, Ph. D., Director of Telecommunications, Texas A&M University

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