Customer Success Story: University of Chichester

    Tracing its roots back to 1839, the University of Chichester in West Sussex, UK has an ongoing vision to become an internationally-recognised beacon of good practice for high quality and student-centred higher education.

    5,000 students and more than 900 staff in 40 buildings across two campuses makes for a relatively complex, but equally essential communications system.

    Having recently conducted a review of the entire IT infrastructure to ensure issues – such as Fairtrade, social responsibility, sustainability and minimising the environmental impact of the University on its community – were being addressed, several challenges became apparent.

    On top of this, as part of the education sector and the significant changes to tuition fees in 2012, it has become necessary to ‘do more with less.’

    The challenges faced were:

    • Need for strong business continuity plans
    • Need for maximised uptime
    • Lack of flexibility as a whole with current communications

    The existing Aastra communications system merely needed a refresh of its operating system and the Solidus Contact Centre. The exciting part of the upgrade was the move to virtualisation, with VMware, that this afforded. Virtualisation reduced the power consumption by a full 25% and increased the system’s resilience in a single action. MX-ONE 5.0 and its applications can be run as virtual machines, enabling enhanced resiliency options such as High Availability and Fault Tolerance.

    "We now have a much easier upgrade path for service packs or new software releases. In addition to the increased resilience of our communications infrastructure, we have also benefited from a much reduced server 'footprint' and around a 25% reduction in power usage. This is all thanks to the virtualisation, which is of course invisible to the users." - Di Peachment, IT Technical Specialist – Telecoms at University of Chichester

    The systems now have in-built resilient links to a UK-wide network, JANET, which is dedicated to research and education customers. JANET provides automatic failover mechanisms to ensure continuity of service.

    As a result of the review and update, the University of Chichester can now boast:

    • Business continuity
    • Resilience across campuses and buildings
    • Fully virtualised platforms
    • A much-reduced server footprint
    • 25% reduction in power usage for its communications


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