Customer Success Story: West Aurora School District 129

    “Our phone system is crucial and mission critical, especially when it comes to making 911 calls if necessary. This is true for any school district. It’s good to have a reliable system. It’s important to have a service that works well and is reliable,” - Don Ringelestein, Director of Technology for the West Aurora School District 129

    West Aurora is a large suburban school district near Chicago, with 20 buildings and over 1,800 staff and 12,000 students. Most of the district’s school buildings are very old, and include three of the states oldest buildings. Only three of the buildings were built in last 15 years. In addition, the district office is in a 100-year old building that was not designed for modern telecom systems, so a hosted solution with an off-site data center rather than an on-premise solution was the logical choice.

    Thanks to the government eRate program, which provides discounted telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries, the Aurora school district was able to get a large reimbursement to update its outdated system. The school district turned to Mitel’s hosted voice solution, MiCloud, to replace its aging phone system and provide communication capabilities for its 20 buildings.

    Read the complete case study on UC Strategies here.

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