Customers Win as ShoreTel Enters the HP AllianceOne Program

    AllianceOneShoreTel is proud to announce it has joined the HP AllianceOne Program. Our Strategic Alliances division has worked diligently for many months to establish and nurture our relationship with HP Networking. With the globally recognized AllianceOne Program, ShoreTel will be able to deliver an end-to-end unified communications infrastructure – creating a highly collaborative and productive, anytime, anywhere environment for our joint customers.

    Why is this important for both ShoreTel and HPN?

    Our joint customers and partners will be able to leverage two best-of-breed solutions instead of being tied into a proprietary single-vendor system. Companies will have the flexibility to:

    • Design, employ and manage a solid-state network and VoIP infrastructure that is flexible, adaptable and complexity-free

    • Provide a consistent user experience with video, voice, IM, and presence across a variety of architectures, platforms and device types, through HP FlexNetwork architecture

    • Deploy UC&C services with increased reliability and resiliency with uninterrupted availability through HP FlexNetwork architecture

    Our goal is to delight our SMB and enterprise customers worldwide with robust, easy-to-use and manage solutions, and the AllianceOne Program is the catapult that will jettison our customers’ productivity and success.

    Read the complete July 22, 2013 press release here.

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