A Cyber Monday Wardrobe Malfunction

    Internet clothing retailer, Bonobos was founded in 2008 with a simple mission: make better fitting men’s pants, sell them direct via the Internet and offer a superior service experience. Although business is mostly Internet driven, Bonobos is unique in that it places its phone number front and center on its website. Unlike many online retailers, Bonobos actually likes talking to its customers and wants to be accessible to them. That got a little tricky on Cyber Monday when the Bonobos website crashed.

    On this busiest sales day of the year, the phone system was suddenly flooded with 15 times the normal call volume. Unlike other retailers who have simply turn off the phones when call volume spikes unexpectedly, Bonobos used the overflow features of their M5 phone system to bring non-customer service staff into the queue and handle the calls. Despite a very badly timed technical failure, they still met their commitment to provide outstanding service.

    John Rote, Bonobos Vice President of Customer Experience, shared the story of why Bonobos selected M5 and how the solution supports the business, not only when something goes wrong, but every day. We salute Bonobos for their dedication to building excellent relationships with customers, one phone call at a time.

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