Dan Hoffman live on Fox Business Gadgets & Games

    Dan met with the crew of Gadgets & Games a Fox Business web show to show off some of M5's latest tech.

    His segment focused around the idea that voice for business is no longer about just phones, but about connecting people and business no matter what device they may be near. This could be a Cisco phone, a Blackberry, a computer terminal, or as Dan showed off today- and iPad.

    There was some discussion about the idea that the iPad would actually make a decent replacement for Cisco phones, at about the same price. Dan also pointed out that already 30% of business calls are coming through smartphones- and that it's time to rethink the "desk phone" paradigm. He wrapped up by talking about how a smart enough phone system can be a central part of business.

    Awesome press showing off M5 as a leader at voice tech!

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