Deploying the proper type of cloud vital for business success

    While many companies see the advantage of adopting cloud VoIP and other communications solutions, it is imperative that these businesses use the proper type of cloud. Many do not realize there are three different cloud services: personal, development and business. In order to gain the maximum benefit from a hosted phone system, it is important that the company uses a business model.

    It can be easy to go for the most attractive cloud solution, and personal clouds tend to be much less expensive than a business service, but the personal cloud does not offer the same security and support options that a business model does. According to ZDNet, moving critical IT services to the wrong type of cloud could not only negate its benefits, but also cause even more problems, including loss of revenue.

    The main factors that contribute to successful cloud solutions for business communications are expert support and high security. Without these basic factors, the cloud deployment can be more of a problem for a company than a solution. Proper hosted VoIP for business provides near constant support, as well as improved safety features to eliminate data loss and provide high quality service.

    Development cloud models provide both of these as well, but are often more complex than a business needs, and focus on infrastructure, according to the news source. However, a company needs a focus on unified communications application and VoIP, and not having this can negate the benefits like increased productivity and lower costs that the cloud can supply.

    One thing for a company to look for to find the best business model cloud solution is integration. Full mobility integration increases opportunities for employees to telework, as well as use their own personal devices to access work. Mobility improves tablet and smartphone usability and increases cost savings benefits.

    In order to get the most out of any cloud-based solution, it must provide for all the telecommunication needs that a business has, as well as include high quality support and security. If any one of these factors is absent, the service will not perform as it should, and will not bring any improvements to the company that deploys it. Ensure that IT professionals are knowledgeable on what the business wants and what the solution provides, and success will be around the corner.

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