Destination CRM: M5 Networks Releases M5 Connect for Salesforce Version 4.0

    M5 Networks, a provider of cloud communications for business, has released M5 Connect for Salesforce version 4.0. The new version introduces support for the Google Chrome browser as well support for the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    M5 Connect for enhances sales effectiveness by unifying the data in Salesforce with intelligence from the phone system.

    The solution also provides the following functionalities:

    • Click-to-Dial: Users can start a call from within anytime a phone number is available.

    • Inbound Screen Pops: Lead or contact information is displayed before the call is answered.

    • Automatic Note Taking: Users are prompted for call notes and wrap up codes each time the phone is dialed.

    • Real Time Analytics: Managers can easily measure representative and campaign success.

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