The Difference between Items and Outcomes in Unified Communications

    Last week, we came across a terrific article in Unified Communications Strategies written by Kevin Kieller of enableUC.  Kieller argues that many UC vendors offer an array of features or “items,” but what the customer  really thinks they are buying are outcomes. Even if the customer is impressed with each feature, if they expect a measurable business outcome that is not achieved, they will eventually be disappointed.  “If you do not have clear, documented, prioritized business objectives from a customer it is impossible to do anything more than sell them items,” he explains. “How can you recommend the best solution when you are not clear as to what problem the solution is supposed to solve?”

    We couldn’t agree more.  We believe that this is one of the reasons that a clear, consistent definition of “Unified Communications” has yet to emerge.  It isn’t simply a list of capabilities accessed through a single interface.  It’s the promise of a simplified, streamlined and well managed way to connect with clients, colleagues and co-workers.  What it looks like exactly depends on what is needed by each enterprise.

    While there is nothing wrong with a checklist of features in an RFP, M5 is committed to providing business impacting outcomes for our clients.

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