Diggers Hotline Displaces Cisco for ShoreTel Contact Center’s Reliability, Simplicity and Cost Savings

    Diggers Hotline is a nonprofit business in Wisconsin, established in 1976 to help ensure statewide continuity of utility and communications services, to prevent damage to underground and overhead facilities, and to increase worker and public safety. The organization handles around a half million call requests each year, any hour of any day, via incoming calls from excavators, utilities, and homeowners.

    Diggers Hotline was using a Cisco VoIP system, along with an ASC recorder solution for its contact center needs, and support from AT&T. Abrupt end-of-life equipment launched the need for either pricey upgrades or a complete replacement.

    Diggers Hotline selected a ShoreTel UC Solution based on the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center for lower overall costs and a better customer experience, as well as ShoreTel IP Phones, ShoreTel Voice Switches and OAISYS recording.

    Diggers Hotline now operates an exceedingly efficient, agile call center, with brilliantly simple and intuitive collaboration features on the front-end, and a highly reliable, scalable architecture at the core. The benefits they have seen include:

    • Lower total cost structure, with savings on capital equipment, administrative time, and support costs
    • Highly agile call center capabilities to support 24x7 operations, 100 agents and hot desking
    • Reliable architecture for greater uptime
    • Seamless integration with commercial and custom applications

    “ShoreTel offered the reliability and simplicity we were looking for, as well as all the built-in cost efficiencies. Converged Technology was more than willing to take on this huge project with only 30 days to implement…We really got something special with ShoreTel and Converged Technology—great partner and support, great technology and stability, and a great price.”

    Mike Meyer, Manager of IT Services, Diggers Hotline



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