Do Not Disturb: Avoiding the Cost of Network Downtime in Hotels

    In the competitive hospitality industry, initiatives that improve customer loyalty and increase revenue can give players an edge. Conversely, missteps can drive customers to a competitor in the blink of an eye. Top-notch guest service through leading edge Mitel Unified Communication (UC) solutions is giving hotels an edge. From wireless front desk systems to voice messaging, IVR auto attendant and contact center systems, deploying the right technologies results in responsive guest services that keep customers coming back.

    To avoid losing this goodwill, hotels need to monitor and manage all of these systems around the clock. Ensuring uptime is more than just a matter of goodwill, in fact – recent studies report that corporate revenue drops an average of 29 percent during a period of downtime1, and losses to the hospitality industry increased by over 100% between 2010 and 2013 due to network downtime2. Mitel’s MarWatch solution, which offers secure remote access to a broad range of hotel telecommunications equipment and applications, monitors all of these systems on a 24/7 basis, providing alerts in real-time to IT staff.

    Mitel MarWatch gives hotels the peace of mind of service continuity, providing:

    Remote Access to Devices and Applications in Multiple Hotel Locations
    Onsite visits for troubleshooting of network problems can be a significant cost for hotels with multiple locations. Secure remote access via Mitel MarWatch eliminates up to 80% of onsite visits, pinpointing the source of the problem easily from anywhere in the world.

    Performance and Availability Monitoring of Mitel and Third Party Hotel Applications
    With so many private, public, multi-vendor and cloud-based components to today’s hotel networks, it can be a complex task for IT staff to maintain uptime.  Mitel MarWatch monitors components of the Mitel UC system, such as MiVoice Business and MiContact Center. In addition, to meet the specific needs of hotels, MarWatch monitors third-party equipment and applications including InnLine Voice Mail, call recorders from Redbox and Oaisys and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Operating on a 24/7 basis, MarWatch detects issues such as compromised voice quality or availability problems.

    Proactive Approach to Preventing Downtime
    The expectation of reliability for business communications networks has never been greater. For hotels, a dropped call or garbled voice mail can translate into lost business, a damaged reputation and lower productivity. With the stakes high, Mitel MarWatch takes a different approach: detecting and alerting IT staff to issues that are predictive of these events before they can occur and cause damage. MarWatch triggers an alert by email, SMS or Twitter when pre-configured thresholds are maximized or breached – keeping IT staff ahead of outages.

    1.      The Avoidable Cost of Downtime: Survey Conducted by Coleman Parkes Research on behalf of CA Technologies

    2.      2013 Cost of Data Center Outages conducted by Ponemon Institute

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