In addition to the SDKs available for the ShoreTel Unified Communications solution, the ShoreTel Contact Center system provides SDKs to enable subscriptions for real-time statistics of various Contact Center entities. These SDKs are also provided free to customers as part of the ShoreTel Innovation Network.

The ShoreTel Contact Center collects data from a few hundred data points and uses them to build real-time and historical reports. The data collected is sent to other Contact Center sub-systems such as Agent Manager, a historical database, wall boards and agent boards. Other third-party applications can also receive this information and present customized data via the ShoreTel Contact Center Real Time Event Feed SDKs.

Information on the activity of various Contact Center entities like agents, groups and others can be subscribed and delivered in real time in JSON format on a standard TCP connection. So, developers have the freedom to choose any tool or language on any operating system to receive this real time “event feeds.” They can build and parse requests, responses and events in JSON format using a JSON parser of choice.

The ShoreTel Contact Center provides two such real time Event Feed SDKs: Agent Activity Event Feed SDK and Group Activity Event Feed SDK. More details are available in our developer interface catalog.

ShoreTel Contact Center Real Time Agent Activity Event Feed SDK
This SDK allows subscribing for agent events and is available starting with ShoreTel Contact Center Version 5.1. All ShoreTel Contact Center agent state events for Agent Login, Logout, Ready, Wrap-Up, Talk and others are provided. It allows building Real Time Adherence (RTA) applications that are part of many of today’s workforce scheduling applications. With this information from the Contact Center, an RTA application can, for instance, automatically alert managers when agents are out of compliance by comparing schedule information from the workforce management system.

ShoreTel Contact Center Real Time Group Activity Event Feed SDK
This is a richer SDK that provides real time statistics and information of various Contact Center entities like agent, group, DNIS, release code and wrap-up code. This SDK is available starting with ShoreTel Contact Center Version 6. For a group, both real time and daily statistics are available. For an example of packaged application that has been built using this SDK, please checkout Contact Center Agent Dashboard in our Integrated Applications Catalog.

If you are interested in leveraging real time statistics from ShoreTel Contact Center system, we invite you to join our Innovation Network and become part of our growing ecosystem of developers that use ShoreTel SDKs to communication enable enterprise systems.

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