Do You Know It’s a Good Telephone System As Well?

    As a ShoreTel Solution Evangelist, I get to meet a lot of potential customers who just want a new telephone system. Before I wade in there with our Brilliantly Simple Unified Communications story, I like to listen, try and understand how they currently use communications in their business process. Of course, ticking away in that head of mine is how ShoreTel can improve that business.

    The irony, at the start though, is that they often want the new telephone system to do the same as the old one. Traditionally in IP Telephony that has been rather hard and some of that “old stuff” gets lost in some manufactures complex solutions. The nice thing about the ShoreTel solution is that you can have a great conversation about telephony without having to mention any of the “new stuff”. For example:

    • At a user level: On the handset, things like one button for the most common functions. Conference, Transfer, Directory etc. The superb 7 Octaves of audio quality. A headset port on most devices.
    • At a management level: A couple of clicks of a mouse to add a user so you don’t have to have letters after your name to do moves, adds and changes. The fact we build in things like Auto Attendant, Huntgroups, Workgroups, Paging, Boss/Secretary configurations, etc, into the system for no extra charge.
    • At a technical level: We can have seven 9’s of availability without license penalties. Upgrades can be performed with minimal user impact and we can incorporate the system into your virtualization strategy. We can integrate with your Outlook Messaging system (at no extra charge). We can get 440 users in 1U of rack space, and you don’t need to have many servers and our voice switches take less power than a light bulb.
    • At a Financial Level: We have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership solution on the market and we guarantee that.

    Just these things alone show that it is an excellent phone system but this is just the starting gate. When I introduce the “new stuff” I know I can positively impact our customers business process as well. How do I know? Existing customers tell me.

    Anyway, that will be the subject of another blog.

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