Do you need a fax machine?

    In the late 1980’s the fax machine was the most popular piece of technology in the office. It's ability to transmit hard-copy documents over telephone lines almost immediately made it a necessity in the business world. Before email, fax machines were the best way to transmit information in seconds or minutes, eliminating the costly need for overnight or courier services.

    Today businesses no longer need to invest in an ancient piece of hardware to share information. With email and electronic signature services, sharing information and getting documents legally signed are easier than ever. If you still have to communicate through fax to another business, there are now services that allow you to send faxes over the Internet. You receive incoming faxes in your e-mail inbox. You send outbound faxes as email attachments.

    Why make the switch to an electronic fax option? Here are a few reasons

    • Get Faxes Anywhere: Let users send a fax to email and receive and read your faxes on any device that you use for email.

    • Manage Your Faxes: Sort and store your faxes just like you do with other email attachments.

    • Go Green: Fax to email options like M5 Fax can be an important part of your conservation strategy by eliminating unnecessary paper.

    Traditional business tools, like fax machines, work well for people who work in the same office every day, but more and more of us are working remotely. The need to stay in the loop while traveling, or working from elsewhere, is stronger than ever.

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