Dr. Martens Kicks off Virtualized UC and Mobility for Growth in Multi-Channel Retail

    For more than 100 years Dr. Martens boots, shoes and accessories have been worn by rock stars, workmen, actors, punkers, teenagers and many other people of all ages and stripes.

    While our company has thrived, in 2014 we set a goal of doubling the size of the Dr. Marten retail brand by 2018. In order to achieve this growth in new channels both on and offline, we recognized the need for new technology tools, especially communication technology tools. After evaluating and rejecting other communication technology platforms from Cisco, Avaya and others, we decided ShoreTel provides the best solutions for our company growth.

    With the help of ShoreTel and its business partners, Lily Systems in Europe and Matrix in the U.S., we are now in the process of moving to a single,  virtualized unified communication (UC) network through ShoreTel’s UC and Mobility solutions. They will link our headquarters in the UK with our design and manufacturing teams, as well as over 730 stores across Europe, the U.S., Asia and Australia.

    ShoreTel is helping us transform how we communicate internally and externally so that we get closer to our customers. For example our warehouse team is using ShoreTel Mobility to accelerate the picking and packing of online orders at our new European Distribution center, which is 100,00 square feet. Previously, forklift truck drivers needed to go back to the office if they couldn’t find an order, which took a lot of time. Picking and packing now takes half the time and ultimately creates a better customer experience thanks to ShoreTel Mobility and DECT phones.

    We’re now implementing this ShoreTel solution in our stores in London and across Europe, which enables retail staff to communicate more easily and effectively with colleagues in the storeroom or other parts of the shop. This speeds up the retrieval of different boots, shoes and accessories for our customers. The improved customer service is leading to increased growth that will help us meet our goals for the next three years.

    Watch Nic Harris explain more about Dr. Martens’ use of virtualization, UC and Mobility to underpin its multi-channel strategy in this video: