ECC‘s Around-the-Clock Business Coverage: I’ve Got Monday, You’ve Got Tuesday…

    One of the handier things you can do with ECC is schedule “Night Coverage.” Among those of us who’ve carried a “beeper” (the what?), we know what this means. It’s about being on call.

    Interesting routing options can include ShoreTel mobility users as ECC can direct dial any internal extension and that includes Mobility extensions. The result is you can be a Mobility user, and not have to log into ECC to collect your Night Service calls. We will measure using the good old Application Markers so we have real time and historical reporting around how many calls were routed for these needs.  ECC can also dial out to fully qualified telephone numbers as well, but being cost-conscious, I don’t like to spend money on the carriers when I do not have to. ShoreTel Mobility fits that need like a glove.

    Using the Logic switch you can determine easily who gets calls on the various days of the week:


    You can also build a daily schedule. Below is an example of Holiday Coverage through most of 2014. You can add another logic switch to the “else” option and get as deep and specific as you wish. If you want to have different folks on call 365 days of the year you can do it this way.


    A twist on this allows you to use a Call Profile field to populate the individual who will get the call. You would do this if you had a web app with a bunch of engineers’ names and radio buttons so you could pick out who is on call without having to deal with ECC at any level. Just open the URL, hit a radio button and let ECC do the data dip and route as you need:


    Web App example:


    Details from the Logic Switch:


    And finally, routing by a value (Call Profile) returned from our engineer database:


    Now you can apply these ideas across the board. Maybe you would prefer to build a holiday list in scripting that all calls go through? You certainly may. Between ECC’s scripting and ECC Director scheduling capabilities, there are no Contact Center scheduling options that ECC cannot accommodate in a way that you’re comfortable using.

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