ECC: Hey, I’m late (no more)!

    One of the new capabilities for Contact Center users is the ability to have your Release Time shown back to you via Communicator (12.1 and forward).

    Your agents can never again say, “I don’t know,” about how long they may have been at lunch:

    What we’re showing is the “miniature” view of Communicator which is very appropriate in a busy Contact Center where there are apps in use (perhaps multiple apps in use) so the smartest thing we can do is pack a ton of info into a small footprint.

    The new toolbar also has the full ECC pulldown:

    And if you build your Toolbar with a few common codes (“lunch” or “consult” as in the above examples) in ShoreTel Director with Target Code number and text “Label/Target” the agent will see the name of the Release or Wrap code chosen as well as the elapsed time of the current state.

    Handy stuff indeed:

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