ECC Tip: How Can I Log In Agents Remotely?

    We know ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) can allow a supervisor to move agents around, Group to Group, or log them out by removing them from all their groups in Agent Manager or by using the Diagnostics Tool as well. But what if I need to log in just the people who I choose to use when I choose to use them?

    We have an answer.

    The trick is to create a Group that will not be used to take calls. It is not mentioned in scripting routing nor is there a Service aimed at this Group. It’s simply the “bullpen.” I built a new Group, called “Log In,” and I have some agents in that Group but they won’t ever get calls until I move them into a real Group that takes calls and then resume/move that agent as needed. Reporting is always part of my thinking so I can watch my “Log In” Group in real time and see “who’s in the bullpen.” I can historically report on that if desired as well.

    Here’s what my desktop looks like when I have four active Groups and one agent “in the bullpen”:


    Since our desktop allows so much flexibility, you might want to build a report that looks like this to separate it from active Groups and just present relevant data. I called mine “bullpen”:


    The other detail to keep in mind is that ECC and Communicator remembers what state you were last in , so if you log in and go to release, then log out from release, you will be put BACK into release the next time you launch Communicator on your next work day or shift. Theoretically, you only need to log into ECC once in your LIFE using this method. For the busy environments this is a great method to pull people into and out of ECC as needed and log them “in.”  Done!

    Hope this helps, more soon!

    The ECC Team

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