ECC Video Tutorial: How to Use ETAS.INI Files to Increase Productivity

    ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center has a set of configuration files called ETAS.INI and they exist for the purpose of business process automation. I’ve created a video to show you how to use ETAS.INI to connect to applications and even do a search on a Caller Entered Digit.

    Additionally we open a “productivity application” from our Advanced Applications Group, the “Wrap App.” This app makes entering Wrap Codes as simple as possible

    by popping a window right under your mouse where you can check mark and enter Wrap Up Codes. They both are doing different things at different times in the life of a call but they add up to business/agent activity automation which saves time, provides easier data input, and makes it easier for agents to do their job. These are just two examples of things you can do, so dream big! Do you have a home-grown browser delivered database application? This could help provide a screen pop potentially. Need to do a LinkedIn look-up? Phone Number (“ANI”) search? The possibilities are almost endless. Enjoy!