Economic trends pointing toward UC expansion

    General market conditions are driving many businesses to change the way they approach communications infrastructure and business phone systems. This shift is leading to new ways of approaching partnerships with suppliers and a general trend toward unified communications, CRN reported.

    According to the news source, rapid changes in IT and communications infrastructure infrastructure have created an environment in which many businesses are dealing with more complex operating conditions. This eventually leads to high maintenance costs and other similar operational issues that can be difficult to deal with in a recovery economy.

    The report said many businesses are understandably moving to reduce the complexity involved in their telephony and other communications systems. To do this, a growing number of organizations are working to simplify their provider framework to depend as much as possible on just a single vendor instead of attempting to manage a complex web of partnerships and technological interdependencies. In response, more companies are turning to solutions that are holistic in nature in an effort to simplify their infrastructure and equipment setups and reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining physical systems.

    The drive towards simplification also changes how many organizations are managing the systems they already have in place. A growing number of businesses are working to streamline the operational capabilities of the communications and collaboration solutions that are currently in use. As a result, the report explained, organizations are naturally, and sometimes inadvertently, finding themselves getting involved in unified communications because the technology is an ideal solution when it comes to optimizing different telephony systems to support true collaboration.

    While the CRN report deal specifically with businesses in the United Kingdom, similar trends are affecting businesses in most developed economies, including the United States. With the recession behind most businesses, recovery efforts become the focal point. However, the economy is growing relatively slowly, forcing many organizations to operate as though they are still in a recession by turning to measures that will do as much as possible to reduce operating costs without sacrificing any productivity.

    The communications infrastructure is often an ideal place to accomplish this goal, as cloud PBX solutions can enable robust telephony solutions with minimal capital costs, VoIP can reduce call spending, especially for international communications and UC can streamline almost all of the telephony setup.

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