Electronic Wasteland

    With the summer vacation season in full tilt, employees are beginning to plan their hand-over notes and delegate responsibilities. But the holiday planning is tinged with a bit of weariness in anticipation of what awaits them when they come back. Which one of us hasn’t been confronted by an overloaded inbox, groaning under the weight of emails that are destined for the junk or deleted folders?

    This feeling is not just limited to holiday season – step away from your desk for a day or even few hours and you return to an email overload. We waste precious hours wading through electronic swamp only to discover that urgent matters have been dealt with and the rest is junk.

    Won’t it be great if this daily onslaught of superfluous information can be streamlined?

    I’m not the only one thinking along those lines – recently, several organisations have been encouraging the use of Instant Messenger (IM) in lieu of emails as a means of internal communications. Some have even gone a step further – Thierry Breton of Atos, the French technology giant, created waves when he announced a move to completely ban internal emails over the course of next few years.

    Indeed, the case for instant messaging (IM) is strong – it is much faster and more casual than email therefore facilitates quick turn-around. Project members can share relevant content and connect with relevant individuals who can answer questions and solve problems faster than email allowing for decision to be made and reducing email traffic.

    Keeping in mind these developments, ShoreTel offers collaboration applications, which help enterprises meet their internal communication needs. It is easier for team members to share ideas, avoiding lengthy email exchanges that tend to slow down progress, breaking the natural momentum of workflow.

    Concurrent client capabilities enable employees to chat one-on-one or in groups. When instant messaging is not enough, ShoreTel solutions enable users to easily turn an instant message into a video-enabled phone call at the touch of a button, and share their desktop with a single click.

    It also integrates with enterprise applications such as Microsoft Outlook, where appointments automatically configure voice and Web collaboration resources for both internal and external participants. Best of all, ShoreTel collaboration tools are part and parcel our UC platform and not an add-on or after thought.

    Enterprise collaboration tools offer a golden opportunity to break the electronic shackles of email and we have nothing to lose but the tyranny of a bursting Inbox.

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