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The Great Resignation has heightened many managers’ concerns about recruitment and retention. Four million Americans quit their jobs in November 2021 alone. The conversations around this phenomenon and the increase of workplace digitization often prioritize the needs of employees and customers. Customers drive revenue, and employees primarily drive output. Yet managers are the ones who make the decisions that shape both income and production, so their concerns should have equal weight.

Same Priorities, New Concerns

Managers constantly look for new solutions to motivate, evaluate, engage, and onboard their employees. Current circumstances necessitate other priorities as well. HR leaders surveyed by Gartner reported their 2022 priorities to be: 

  • Organizational design and change management (48%)
  • Current and future leadership bench (45%)
  • The future of work (42%)
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) (35%)

The fact that 42 percent of leaders prioritize the future of work shows just how unprepared managers were for the upheaval brought about by COVID-19. Forrester survey data suggests that most companies (51 percent) plan to adopt a hybrid work strategy, 15 percent plan to be primarily remote, and only 34 percent will return to the office full-time. In short, for most companies, flexible workplaces are here to stay.

Managers know they need to adapt to fast-moving market trends. Data shows that 54 percent of surveyed leaders report their employees experiencing change fatigue. The same survey found that small changes are two-and-a-half times more likely to fatigue employees than more considerable transformational changes. For many managers, balancing internal and external demands is a challenge.

A Seamless Transition

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, tools exist to support managers transitioning to hybrid or distributed work. Mitel has recently taken steps to help this process by partnering with RingCentral. This collaboration allows customers to upgrade their existing cloud solution to the most robust platform available on the market: RingCentral Message Voice Phone (MVP)SM—especially designed for today’s workforce.

With team members divided by state lines, national borders, and sometimes oceans, a vital communications tool is essential for managers to oversee employees. RingCentral MVPSM allows managers to maintain their leadership efficiently.

The capabilities go beyond efficient oversight. RingCentral helped Phoenix Virtual Solutions, a virtual staffing company for healthcare providers, significantly increase its staff with ease and convenience. Its assistants are spread across the globe, which makes onboarding cumbersome. The RingCentral platform simplified the process.

“We’d add them to the RingCentral directory, which takes about a minute, and they could immediately start taking and making business calls and SMS messages right from their computers,” explains Rommel Ragasa, VP of Admin and Business Development at Phoenix. “Many virtual assistants also added the RingCentral mobile app to their cell phones, so they could stay connected to their managers while away from their desks.

Integrate for Increased Benefits

RingCentral MVP integrates with existing project management tools, which allows managers to adapt without adding to existing employee change fatigue. Some of the project management tools that can be combined with RingCentral MVP are:

  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Teams

Technology cannot replace human connection, and sound technology shouldn’t try to. Strong managers lead with empathy and build strong relationships with their teams and customers. Success depends on the ability to deepen those connections in new ways.

Data suggest that an integrated approach leads to a 51 percent increase in effective communication with colleagues, 54 percent more time saved, and a 52 percent increase in organization. With RingCentral MVP and Mitel, managers can prioritize the people in front of them rather than future logistics. Join the future of management.

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