Email Marketing

    There is no question that email marketing is on a growth trajectory. The current total spend of over $1 billion dollars is projected to double in the next few years alone. This includes emails of all major categories – advertisements, solicitations, as well informational emails.

    Email marketing is attractive because it can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. It is also very measureable. With many database segmentation tools available, part of the creativity in email marketing is the effective segmentation of the target and the personalization of the email message.

    Other important nuances of a successful email marketing program include the use of opt-in emails so as not to violate privacy/SPAM concerns. There must also be a strategy of persistence and getting a feel for how many emails to drip in order to get a desired impression. Continuing on that theme, it is also important to know when to stop emailing to prospects/cold lists when a number of non-response messages have been delivered.

    There has been talk that the advent of social media would eventually kill email, but the likelihood is that it would be a symbiotic relationship and not necessarily having a deterrent or synergistic effect.

    How have you most successfully communicated with prospective customers?

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