EmployBridge's first class problem | Rapid growth

    A good friend of mine lists certain worries in the class of "First Class Problems."  For example, if I win the Super Mega Lottery, I will suddenly need the help of a qualified attorney, tax advisory, money manager and perhaps therapist. Finding, qualifying and hiring this team is a legitimate problem, but a first class one indeed.

    In business, rapid growth is a good problem to have, but that doesn't mean it isn't without serious challenges that if handled poorly can ruin an otherwise excellent trajectory.

    Our customer EmployBridge, a 700-employee company that spans 143 locations throughout the U.S. and is the fastest growing national provider of staffing and workforce solutions, sat down with us to share their story of rapid expansion.

    Heather Reck, Telecommunications Manager, explained, "With M5, we can grow indefinitely without our customers getting a busy signal. Plus, I don’t have to endure managing a phone carrier anymore.”

    Read more about the EmployBridge story and their creative use of the M5 phone system as a tool for capturing every market opportunity.

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